BCU: A Green Company

BCU: A Green Company

We try to be a “green company” in every way possible. Our desire for environmentally friendly materials is only surpassed by our desire to reduce, reuse and recycle. If you have any questions or tips about increasing our recycling/reuse efforts please call us at 509-335-2624.


We use recycled paper for copying and some for color Xerox printing.  We have just identified a source for 100% recycled inkjet paper and are testing it on our inkjet printers. For waterproof paper we use a paper called ViaStone. Viastone's Stone Paper is a unique printing paper designed exclusively for inkjet printers that is formulated from natural stone, inorganic mineral powder and trace amounts of non-toxic resins. No trees or other wood by-products have been added. Unlike traditional paper making, this innovative process does not require water or toxic agents to produce & enhance the paper. The result is a tree-free and chlorine-free paper that is superior in performance, and aesthetic appearance, over traditional papers. It offers ultra-smooth finish and provides quality and performance advantages for all your photo printing needs. The papers are suitable for use in all color ink jet printers, and are priced at a comparable or better price than traditional wood-pulp papers. The papers offer superior smear and tear resistance over traditional papers. It comes in various weights and thickness perfect for printing flyers, newsletter, presentation, brochures, restaurant menus, and photographs. Best of all, it's environmentally friendly!

Re-Use Paper

In the past we have put all scraps from poster printing in mixed paper recycling, and we will continue to do that until we hear otherwise. Often we will have posters which we have to re-do/re-print. If the material is not sensitive, we collect them and drop them off with the children’s center which uses the backs of paper for art work. Paper roll centers are made available to the students in the Veterinary College who use them for their animals.  They are also available for other users on request.  If we have any excess, they are recycled with cardboard.

Backing/Packaging Materials

We have a client in the Veterinary College who takes all of our laminate and mount backing materials (with a non-stick shiny surface), and uses it for his fiberglass work. Recently, we’ve had a small surge of others, also requesting the backing materials. We recycle Styrofoam peanuts and other various packing materials by collecting them and offering them to people in the Veterinary College for re-packing. 

Ink Cartridges

We do not have a source for print heads and cartridges for the HP printers yet, but are looking (Moscow Recycling may take them!). Currently, we recycle the toner cartridges for the HP laser printer through Central Stores.  The Xerox color print cartridges and supplies are all recycled through Xerox.

Light Bulbs

All burned out light bulbs from projectors are collected and given to the Fine Arts faculty for incorporation into “artwork”.


All batteries are recycled through WSU Environmental Health and Safety at https://ehs.wsu.edu/chemical-waste/battery-recycling/