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Whatever your poster need, we can provide a solution!

With over 10 types of material, and almost unlimited sizes, we're set up to provide options that are perfect for your situation.


BCU can create and print your poster or banner. Depending on the complexity and preparedness of your content, the design process can take anywhere from one day to two weeks. Labor intensive services will be billed at $65 per hour. Please provide us with:
  • Text/Content - preferably in Microsoft Word
  • Spell check - we are NOT responsible for misspellings or grammar errors
  • Graphic Content - images or graphs you want included (the higher the resolution the better)
  • Size Specifications

powerpoint-logoIf you wish to design your own poster in PowerPoint, we have developed step by step guide for creating a poster in PowerPoint 2013 which you might find helpful. View and download it here: Creating PowerPoint 2013 Posters

If you are using an older version of PowerPoint, our older version of this guide will be helpful: Creating PowerPoint Posters


UV Protection Inks: All posters, banners and displays are printed with UV Protection Inks made to withstand indoor and outdoor light without fading. Depending on the printing medium, this ink will last 100 years on interior products and up to 9 months in direct sunlight.


  • Heavyweight Coated Paper: a thick paper (35 lb matte) with a non reflective surface. It’s sturdy but can be rolled into a tube.
  • Semi Gloss Photo Paper: a thicker paper (45 lb) with a semi-gloss finish, making it look like photographic paper.
  • Foldable Fabric: A lightweight and durable banner fabric (recyclable) that is crease resistant and foldable for easy transport. 
  • Tyvek: a sturdy, tear proof canvas-like material. It is lightfast and waterfast which can be left outside in the weather. When used with UV protection ink it will not fade, bleed or smear over time. Tyvek is also a nice alternative to lamination on prints that are too large to be laminated.
  • Vinyl banner: a long term use, exterior product. This material can be used with grommets or wind slits for bridge banners, or banners used year after year.
  • Self-adhesive Vinyl: an exterior product used for sandwich boards, exterior signs, etc. Both vinyl papers will begin to fade in direct sunlight after 9 months.
  • Waterproof Paper: is a paper made of stone with a plastic backing. It is good for exterior short term use and will not watermark or wrinkle in outdoor sandwich boards, etc.
  • Backlit film:  A frosted acetate film used for backlit display similar to what you see at airports, etc.  Needs a light source to illuminate it from behind.
  • One Way Window film: a self adhesive vinyl with small perforations (round holes) so that print is visible on one side and the other side of the window is not visible, but people can see out on the back side.  Excellent for advertising on windows.  WSU CUB has used it at their entrances with the Cougar logo.
  • Repositionable fabric: Removable, reusable and repositionable adhesive-backed matte fabric easily sticks to wall, doors, cars,computers, glass, and plastic. Peels off painted surfaces without any adverse effects to the paint. Does not leave an adhesive mark. Approved by WSU Housing.Ideal for life-size photographic cut-outs for walls and wall murals  


Prices are based on square foot of printed poster, you don’t pay for extra paper used. There are no added service fees. All orders are printed at minimum of 600dpi. To calculate a poster price, multiply the dimensions of your poster in inches, divide by 144, and multiply by the square foot price.
For example: a 30” x 36” poster 30 x 36=1080 1080 / 144=7.5 square feet. price calculator (xlsx)

Prices below are per square foot:

  • Heavyweight Coated Paper $4.50
  • Waterproof $4.75
  • Semi Gloss Photo Paper $5.00
  • Foldable Fabric $5.50
  • Repositionable Fabric $6.50
  • Tyvek $7.00
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl $7.00
  • Scrim Vinyl Banner (with grommets/wind-slits) $7.00
  • Backlit Film $7.00
  • One-way Window Film $9.50
  • Lo Tac Crystal/Window Cling $6.25
  • Floor Decal $11.50
  • Canvas $7.75


We offer a variety of different accessories to hang, position, and protect your poster, display or banner.

  • Velcro: hook only Velcro with adhesive backing. .75 per ft
  • Plastic Tab Fasteners: adhesive plastic fasteners, attached to corners of banners, with loops for hanging. FREE
  • Grommets: metal rings placed within the poster material for hanging vinyl banners. FREE
  • Wind slits: non-intrusive half circles cut into the design which allows wind to move through the poster and prevent tearing and damage. Used with vinyl banners. Wind slits are REQUIRED for all WSU bridge banners. FREE
  • Table Stands: cardboard stands with adhesive backing. Allow poster to stand upright on tables/displays (used with mounted posters). Vary in price based on size from $1.25 - $2.50 each.
  • Transport Tubes: expandable cardboard and plastic tubes for mailing and hand carrying. These range from $4 to $23.50.


Lamination protects your poster with double plastic coating. BCU can laminate with glossy or satin laminate up to 48" width at $4.25 per square foot. We also carry a glossy dry erase laminate allowing for use with erasable markers. This laminate is $4.50 per square foot.

Displays are laminated with JetGuard Crystal Matte Satin Laminate. This is 6 mil, UV protectant plastic specifically made for non-glare viewing from all directions. Our laminates are all highest quality SEAL products.

Lamination requires one extra day in turn-around times. As with poster size, we can laminate up to 48” wide and 50 /100’ long.

Mounting your poster to substrates ensures stability and allows the poster to stand upright with minimal support. This is a great attribute for displays, conventions, showcases, etc. Our mounting process requires the product be laminated at the same time that it is mounted. Mounting requires one extra day in turnaround time. 
The prices below INCLUDE lamination.

The following chart is ordered from most durable to least durable.

  • Sintra (PVC Plastic), 3/16" black, $7.75/sq ft
  • Gatorboard (Exterior, Nonflexible), 3/8" white, $8.00/sq ft
  • Plasticore (Plastic Cardboard), 1/4" white, $6.75/sq ft
  • Foam Core (Soft inside, can be dented), 3/8" white or black, $6.75/sq ft


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