Other Services Offered

BCU is happy to offer a variety of services

Brochure Design/Layout

BCU is happy to design your brochure or flyer. We can also provide design advice. Labor and design fees apply at $65.00 per hour.

Please call or stop by to set up a consultation for initial layout and design requirements as related to the WSU Brand.

Design Templates

If you would like to design your own brochure, we recommend starting with a template.

The first step is knowing where and on what equipment the brochure or flyer will print. The copier or printer you are using will have limitations. If you design for those limitations, your end product will turn out better and be easier to produce.

Copy machines cannot print to the edge of the paper unless you print on an oversized piece of paper and then cut it to size. When the ink/image/design goes right to the edge, this is called "bleeding to the edge". This is a more expensive option because it uses larger paper and includes a cutting fee. An 8.5x11 tri-fold brochure with bleed will cost approximately $1.42 each PLUS $16.25 labor for the entire job for cutting. The same brochure without bleed will cost .77 cents each.
100 brochures without bleed - $77.00
100 brochures with bleed - $158.25

Tri-fold WITHOUT bleed

PDF for viewing/printing  trifold-8-5x11-inside / trifold-8-5x11-outside
PNG for overlaying on your design  tri-fold8-5x11-inside / tri-fold8-5x11-outside

Tri-fold WITH bleed

PDF for viewing/printing  tri-fold-8-5x11-inside-BLEED / trifold-8-5x11-outside-BLEED
for overlaying on your design  
tri-fold-8-5x11-inside-BLEED / tri-fold8-5x11-outside-BLEED


Recognition Awards and Certificates

We can create unique awards and certificates that can be printed, mounted, framed or laminated. These custom made recognition awards are great for retirements, special recognitions, or service awards for staff, faculty, students and special donors. Please set up a consultation meeting with our staff to create a specific template and layout for you or your department. Please bring all of the necessary text, in a word file format, and graphics in an electronic format, needed for your award or certificate.

Certificate setup fees cost $16.25 and each print is $2.00. Layout design fees for custom certificates cost $65.00 per hour of labor.


We are capable of sending and receiving faxes during office hours. Faxes received will be stored at the front desk until picked up. Please make sure the sender indicates your name on the cover sheet and phone number where you can be reached. Receiving faxes is free. Sending faxes costs $1.00 per page for individuals outside the Veterinary College. 

Our fax number is 509-335-6094.

Coil Binding

Binding your project can give it a professional look and feel. We carry a variety of options for the cover and backing and also stock a large variety of coils sizes. 

Stop by or call to find out about all your options!

OCR Scanning Documents to Text

When electronic files of a printed document are needed, BCU has the capability to scan printed text (pages) and can convert them into editable, electronic files. Files we can convert to text through OCR include: tif, dpf, jpg, gif, png, and bmp. Please note, original texts and files scan better and provide optimal quality (i.e. a copy of a copy may be illegible).

The first page set up for an OCR scanned document costs $3.75. Additional OCR pages cost $0.75 each.

Converting a PDF file to text costs $3.75 for the first page and $.25 for each additional page. Additional fees will apply to documents requiring proofreading and corrections. 

We can convert scanned documents to:


File Conversions

We have the capacity to convert most graphic files formats from one file format to another.  

Labor fees of $65.00 per hour apply.

PowerPoint Presentations

BCU can create a Power Point presentation from scratch, or help you modify presentations to meet your specific communications needs. Whether you need to enhance your current lecture or build a new media-rich presentation, our designers can help make your PowerPoint simple, easy to follow and dynamic. We can also create interactive self-contained programs for CD-ROM distribution.

Presentation tools include:

  • Re-format slides for a more professional look
  • Simplify and chunk text to improve comprehension
  • Create custom graphics to support key concepts
  • Add transitions and animated effects
  • Construct diagrams, charts & tables
  • Integrate animation, audio & video

Please call and arrange a meeting to discuss your presentation needs. Bring with you: all text in word file formats; pictures in electronic formats or hard copies available for scanning; and any audio or video electronic file formats. Labor and design fees apply at $65.00 per hour.

Pouch Lamination

BCU provides small-pouch lamination services in various sizes and thicknesses. See table below. Labor fees apply to large orders at $50.00 per hour.

Lamination ThicknessSizeCost Per Page
3 mil8.5 x 11$1.50
3 mil8.5 x 14$1.75
3 mil11 x 17$2.75
10 mil8.5 x 11$2.50
10 mil8.5 x 14$2.75
10 mil11 x 17$3.75