Staff and Employees


BCU is run by full-time and part-time professional staff, with the assistance of time-slip students.

Front Desk and Time-slip Employees


Courtney Ranck-Copher 7:30 AM-12:15 PM
Cheryl Mitchell 12:15-5:00 PM
Jessica Abercrombie 2:00-5:00 PM

Join the Team!

BCU considers all employees, both full-time and temporary, as in important part of the team! We're a fun-loving professional group that prefers to hire students willing to work over the course of several years. We like to hire those with outstanding customer service skills and computer competency. Priority is given to applicants having experience in advertising, marketing, MIS, computer science or graphic design. 

We employ students at the beginning of the Fall semester and during the summer. Students can work Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5 PM, at the front desk as clerical assistants. Hours depend on availability. We are always accepting applications. Please print and fill out this application and return it to BCU, Room 123, Bustad Hall. For more information call (509) 335-2624.

Former Staff

Bob Mitchell – Multimedia Coordinator, 1999-2017
Sabrina Bauer – Office Assistant II, 2014-2017
Chuck Royce – Photo Supervisor III; Large Format Print Operator, 1988-2015
Stephanie Zimmerman – Media Technician, 1995-1999
Betty Deerkop – Office Manager
Fred Sonnenberg – Graphics Illustrator Supervisor
Jack Holmes-Courtney – Graphics Illustrator
Jerry McCollum - Manager


Alumni Front Desk, Media Library, and Time-Slip Employees

We have been so fortunate to have so many students work for us over the years.  If you have worked for us in the past, but are not listed, or your information is inaccurate, or not complete, please email us.   We would love to hear from you!  Please email us with contact information, and general information about yourself (married, kids, occupation, location, hobbies, etc!).  Thanks to all who have been a part of this special BCU Team over the years.

Alicia Almond: 1999-2001
Heather Almond: Fall 1997-Summer 1999; Major: Marketing
Matt Almond: Fall 2001- Fall 2005; Major: Sports Management
Sam Almond: Fall 2001- Spring 2005; Major: Elementary Education
Kevin Ambercrombie
John Anderson
Josh Anderson: 2000-2001
Renee Anderson: Summer 2000- Spring 2003; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Victoria  Anicker: Fall 1998 – Spring 2000; Major: Management Information Systems
Heather Amundson: Fall 1995-Summer 1998; Major: Accounting
Rachael Armstrong: Fall 1998-Spring 2002; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Michelle Ballinger: Fall 1992-Fall 1993
Scott Barnes: Fall 1991-Spring 1993
Jennifer Barrington
Abbie Bennett
Kati Bennett: Fall 2005-Spring 2008; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 
Erika Berdan
Brenna Bickel
Harriet Blanton: Fall 1989-Spring 1990
Fred Blindheim: Summer 1993-Spring 1993
Kari Bodenhamer: Fall 1992-Spring 1993
Courtney Bowin: Fall 1994-Summer 1994
Megan Bridge
Becky Briggs: Summer 1993
Lynn Brohan: Spring 1982- Spring 1983
Victoria Brooks-Miller: Fall 1989-Summer 1990
Chrun Buoy: Fall 1992-Spring 1993
Dawn Burmeister
Jordy Byrd: Fall 2005-Summer 2008; Major: Journalism
J. Paul Cannon: 1999
Kim Carpenter: Fall 1997-Spring 2001; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Christina Cato: Fall 2006-Summer 2007; Major: Apparel Design
David Chapman: Fall 1998; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Kara Cockrum: Fall 2000 – Spring 2002; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Susan Congleton: Fall 1989-Fall 1990
Moira Culkin
Craig Curran: Fall 1991- Spring 1992
Ann Curah
Pat Day: Fall 2000-Sprint 2001; Major: Business
Erin Dearing: Fall 2005; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Mariam Dreewes
Elizabeth Ann Dryden: 2005
Jamie Engstrom: Fall 2000-Spring 2003; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Nick Ernst: Spring 2006; Major: Hospitality Business Management
Marilis Earle: 2008
Melissa Elliott: 2000-2001
Mark Ferguson
Rick Ferguson
Kimberly Flack: Summer 1988-Fall 1990
Janet Forney: Summer 1995—Fall 1995
Victoria Gehring
Caroline George: Fall 1997-Spring 1999; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Christopher Geray: Fall 1992 Spring 1994
Tiera Gibbons: Spring 1994
Kayla (Harvey) Almond: Fall 2003 – Spring 2005; Major: Advertising and Public Relations
Trista Harvey: 2006
Courtney Harrison: 2009-2011
Pat Hautala: Fall 1989-Spring 1990
Angela Hill: 2000-2002
Jessica Jacot
Connor Janhunan
Sabrina Johnson: 2011-2013
Kenneth Jones: 1992
Thomas Kellner: 1992-1993
Patricia Kentner: 1989-1990
Monica Kerslake: 2000-2001
Jennifer Kinney
Inki Kim: 1989
Kelsey Koehler: 2010–2011
Michael Krouse: 1997
Jenna Lacy
Karla Lawson: 1990-1991
Candice Le: Fall 2006-Summer 2008; Major: Microbiology
Denise Lim: 1992
Certia Lockhart: 2001-2002
Ken Long: 1981-1983
Rachel Lorenzen: 2004
Stephanie Longen: 1989-1990
Cheryl Lopate
Tenneille Ludwig: 1993-1994
Patricia Lyon
Melissa Mandzac: 1993-1995
Chrissy Marcelus: Fall 1997-Spring 1999; Major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Krista Martinez: 2000-2001
Ashley Matthews: 2003
Chris McDougall: 1990-1991
Laura McEvoy:  Fall 2011
Heather Mercill: 2003
Kristi Meyer: 2004
Allison Mitchell: 1991
Alex Moore: 2003
Tamara Murto: 1993
Ashley Nichols: 2003-2006
Russell Noble: 1992
Tessa Powell
Jamey Olson
Tami Olson: 2001
Katie Pavlicek: Fall 1998- Spring 2000; Major: Sports Medicine/Nursing
Logan Pedrow: Summer 2007-Summer 2008; Major: Theater Arts
Serina Peterson: 1999-2000
Katie Price: Fall 1997-Summer 1999; Major: Fine Arts
Sandra Price: 1977-1978
Sara Pursley: 1991
Cheryl Rahal: 1992-1993
Ashley Redmond: 2002-2003
Brian Richter: 2010-2012
Nick Riordan: 2007-2011
Chris Roijionen: 2003
David Reye:s 2002
Brandy Romer: 1997-1998
Andrea Ruby: 2003
Rachael Ruby
Gayl Rumerfield: 1989-1992
Daniel Sanchez: 2011-2013
Kristin Scott
Lon Skeesick: 1991-1992
Heather Skurdal: 2012
Sara Smiley: 2004
Laura Smith: 2006
Aleta Sonnenberg: 1989-1992
John Sowers
Ashley Smith: 2011-2012
Timothy Smith: 1993-1994
David Spratling Jr.: 1992
Kevin Stuss: 1990-1991
Anna Sutter: 2005
Kaarin Swanson: 2006
Stephanie Thielemann: 1999-2002
Cherish Thomas
Dillon Thomas
Simon Timmermans: 1997
Chere Trice: 1992-1993
Lindsay Webb: 2000
Blair Wendt: 2009-2010
Danielle Wharton: Fall 1997-Spring 2000; Major: Animal Science
Altina Wicksstrom: 1984-86
Mark Winning
Jackie Works
Kevin Wubben: 2008-2010


Rich Scott

Rich Scott

Staff since 1989 

Henry Moore, Jr.

Henry Moore Jr.

Staff since 1989


Billie Weston

Graphic Designer
Staff since 2015