Policies and Payment

Policies and Payment

BCU provides photographic and multimedia imaging services to faculty, staff and students at Washington State University. Customer service is our top priority and we stand behind the quality of our work. If you have any reservations or problems with your finished order, please bring it in and we’ll discuss and if needed, redo the work at no expense. However, we are not responsible for pre-existing errors in materials you submitted to us.

File Transfer

Files can be transferred using our secure file transfer system (File Drop Box) or on a portable media (e.g. CD, USB drive, etc.). Be sure to label portable media with your name and contact information. 

Always call BCU at 509-335-2624 with instructions for your order when submitting work using the File Drop Box.

DO NOT email files.

If you encounter a problem using the file drop box, please call us at 509-335-2624

Turn-Around Time

  • Standard Orders brought by 10 a.m. will be ready for pickup by 4:30 p.m. the next working day (posters requiring lamination or mounting require one extra day).

  • RUSH Orders received by 10 a.m. and needed prior to 4:30 the next work day require special handling. A 50% RUSH fee is added to all RUSH orders.

  • Special Cases 
    Video Production - varies with project
    Graphic Design - varies with project
    Labor - varies with project
    Outsourced Orders - varies with project & supplies


All orders must be paid at time of pick up. 
IRI (Interdepartmental Requisition Invoice) 
The most common form of payment. This invoice is the way for funds within the university to be exchanged between budgets. Sales tax is never charged. 
IRI’s provide two options

  1. Single IRI- bring a completed IRI for each new order

  2. Blanket IRI- one IRI with authorized account users. We keep the blanket account in our records until the date deemed expired. This allows for multiple orders to be billed without hassling paperwork. 
    You can obtain an IRI and more information from your department’s finance officer. 

COD (Charge on Delivery)
Pullman, Washington State sales tax of 0.078% is charged to all COD orders.
If you do not have access to a WSU budget, orders can be purchased by:

  1. Personal Check (made to "BCU")

  2. VISA or MasterCard

  3. Cougar Account Card (Cougar Cash)